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WARNING! To use this site, you must be at least 18 years of age. If you use this website, you agree to accept these terms and conditions. If you DO NOT accept these terms, please do not use this web site. If we decide to change policy - the changes will be published on this page! That way, you will always know what information we require from you and why we need it, as well as your rights and obligations. For further questions, please contact us at the phone numbers listed on the Contacts page or using the feedback form and questions.


- We respect the rights of all visitors and customers on the site and are committed to protecting them. Our company strictly complies with the law on personal data protection, which means that for no reason your email, telephone or address will not be provided to a third party.

- Your personal data will only be used to process your order, to notify you of news or irregularities related to our e-shop, but will not be given or sold to other parties for any reason.

- The e-shop is not responsible for the depletion of quantities of items, as well as for the delay of the shipment due to the courier. If you are unable to provide the item you want, or if the order is delayed, you will be informed by telephone or e-mail, whenever possible you will be offered alternative items.

General terms:

- To order products from eromag.bg Erotic store, registration is not required.

- You may not expose or send from or to this website any illegal, abusive, defamatory, indecent, pornographic or other information that is in violation of applicable laws.

Information about the presented products in the catalog of eromag.bg

- The products offered contain a description of the parameters, price and recommendations for use. All bids are accompanied by photo material and some of them with video clips.

- The specified price for the individual item is final and is for 1 piece

- The customer indicates the quantity of the goods he desires according to the options provided and the type of goods (model, color, number, etc.).

- When ordering, the customer must indicate the required data to be able to establish feedback from us. For all orders, a callback phone is required. Unconfirmed orders over the phone are not sent.

- Indication of untrue data makes the order invalid and does not bind eromag.bg to the obligation to fulfill the delivery.


The goods ordered by our e-shop are delivered:

- By courier to the address or to an office specified on the request (note that it is nice to leave a business address from 09:00 to 18:00, may also be a business address). Each customer can choose the day and time of delivery himself, and this does not cost the delivery.

- The delivery term of the order is from 1 to 15 business days and depends on the settlement.

- During the phone call to confirm your order, you will be informed on which day your purchases will be completed and delivered to the courier or delivered to our site.

- If the customer is not found within the delivery period at the specified address or if there is no access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, the order is deemed to be refused and eromag.bg is released from its obligation to fulfill the requested delivery.

- In the event that the customer confirms his wish to receive the ordered goods and after the expiry of the delivery period, which he has not been found at the address, he will also bear the cost of the additional delivery at his own expense.


A customer who ordered a merchandise from the eromag.bg e-shop has the right to refuse to receive the goods ordered by him when delivered to him only in the cases specified in these conditions.

In case:

1. If the goods delivered apparently do not correspond to the order ordered by the customer and this can be ascertained by examination of the goods;

2. If the goods or their packaging is damaged during transportation;

3. If the price that the customer has to pay does not match the original bid on the eromag.bg

4. If the deadline announced for delivery is not met;

5. Subject to Art. 69, para. 3 of the IPPC.

6. Claims on the above items are only made at the time of delivery.

7. Out of the above mentioned cases, the customer is not entitled to refuse to receive and pay the goods he has ordered. Otherwise, he / she owes the payment of the expenses incurred by delivery and return of the goods.

8. In case of refusal to receive the goods, a record shall be made at the time of delivery. If the client refuses to sign the record, it is assumed that his refusal to receive the goods is unfounded and he owes the payment of the expenses both for the delivery and the return of the goods.
9. Every customer has the right to return the product he has purchased within 3 business days, but only if the integrity of the package is preserved and the product is not used or damaged.
Under Consumer Protection Law and Trading Rules, the consumer has the right to claim:
1. Lack of findings;
2. Product defects;
3. Non-compliance with announced sizes;
4. Non-compliance with the claimed trademark.
The claim is made within 7 working days after the purchase of the goods.
When making a claim, the consumer may claim:
1. Reimbursement of the amount paid;
2. Replace the goods with a new one;
3. Reduce the price
- Payment of delivery courier (cash on delivery)
The price is formed by the price of the goods delivery is free of charge.
The Client is obliged to indemnify eromag.bg and all third parties for any damages and lost profits, including any expenses and fees paid for lawsuits incurred as a result of claims and / or paid indemnities to third parties in connection with non-performance of its obligations under this Agreement, violation of Bulgarian law, applicable foreign laws, these General Terms, good morals or internet ethics.
The customer is obliged to indemnify eromag.bg and for any damages caused by third parties to whom he has granted his password, using the same.
Users of the Internet Store have the right to freely use the site resources except for the limitations outlined in these General Terms and Conditions and other generally valid restrictions.
The limitations are:
1. Users may not copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of the site without express permission of eromag.bg
2. Users of the online store may not use automated systems to download any information from the site.
3. Users may not overload the online store with fictitious requests or other information (flood).
4. Users may not use a screenshot of the site without express permission of eromag.bg
5. Internet shop users are not allowed to act in violation of generally established rules of communication and communication, to commit malicious acts, to distribute viruses, etc., infringing or damaging rights or interests of third parties.

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